Rosemary Candle - 280ml

Rosemary Candle - 280ml

Handmade Norfolk Gifts - Rosemary Candle - 280ml


A strong and calming scent that is suitable for all year round. 


- Natural Soy Wax 

- Essential Oils 

- Vegan Friendly 

- Cruelty-Free 

- 280ml - approx 50 hours burning time

- Handmade in Norfolk 


These stylish Handmade candles are perfect for home decor and office accessories, feel good gifts for your loved ones, family, friends, anniversaries, birthdays and chritsmas presents. 

  • Care Instructions

    - Always be cautious when lighting your candle. 

    - Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time. 

    - When possible, allow a melt pool to form before blowing out your candle as this ensures a stronger scent and an even burn throughout uses.